Justice Matters: September update

Time to radically downsize the police?

The prospect of further substantial cuts to police numbers has generated a widespread policy debate about what the role of the police should be and what services they should provide. As Steve White, Chair of the Police Federation for England and...

28 September 2015

Building community safety

Ejeris Dixon has outlined the potential role of 'transformative justice' in addressing violence and harm experienced by black people in the US. Writing for the website,...

26 August 2015

Organising for change - short film

Dr Sarah Lamble of Birkbeck University recently gave a presentation to the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies on balancing short term reform goals with long term change. Based on her research and experiences of working in the anti-violence movement, Sarah identifies a number of key challenges...

25 August 2015

More social workers, fewer police?

Sir Peter Fahy, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police has called for 'a new approach' in responding to vulnerable and missing teenagers. He emphasised the need to protect children, but questioned whether the police are best placed to do this, reports...

5 August 2015

I would build...a blueprint for change

When I first started working in the criminal justice voluntary sector around 15 years ago, I did so with the best intentions. From what I’d learned at university and through voluntary work,...

Rebecca Roberts
13 July 2015

Sharp rise in proportion of young BME prisoners

The proportion of black and ethnic minority children and young people held in the youth justice system has increased sharply over the last decade, according to an analysis by ...

30 June 2015

'Together we can bring the walls down!'

On a sunny Saturday earlier this month hundreds travelled to a remote wheat field in Bedfordshire to gather outside Yarl's Wood Immigration Detention Centre and demand its closure.

As with...

Claire Cain
16 June 2015

What kind of society do we want?

Sir Michael Marmot of University College London, writing in The Lancet, has made the case for putting tackling health inequalities at the top of the political agenda.

In the article titled '...

3 June 2015

I would build...schools instead of prisons

Why build schools not prisons? To quote Aaron Sorkin, ' is the silver bullet. Education is everything. Schools should be palaces. The competition for the best teachers should be fierce...

Professor Graham Pike
29 May 2015