justice matters for women

Government disregards welfare of vulnerable women

Charities have warned that the widespread closure of women's refuges will have devastating consequences for women who are victims of domestic violence. Sandra Horley, chief executive of Refuge, said 'we are at crisis point...due to ongoing cuts to local funding and poor commissioning practices'. She went on to say that without refuge provision women will face the choice of either fleeing to live on the streets or remaining with their abuser.

A call to ALL women

Becky Clarke and Kathryn Chadwick of Manchester Metropolitan University call on all women - not just those with an interest in criminal justice - to work together to empower women, resist injustice and transform lives.

Why I support the call to action

The harms women face are widespread yet consistently ignored. Many criminal justice interventions and support services serve to replicate and reinforce unequal gender relations rather than tackle the root causes of harm. Women facing criminalisation and gender based violence are repeatedly failed by society.

We need to think about and develop social interventions that get to the root of these problems. We are calling on others to work with us to challenge structural inequality and eradicate punishment and control in women's lives.


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