A call to ALL women

There is a growing commitment within a group of critical criminologists at Manchester Metropolitan University, to recognising, exposing, analysing and campaigning around social injustice and...

Becky Clarke and Kathryn Chadwick
30 July 2014

What's this got to do with violence against women?

My current mantra when training professionals in responding to domestic and sexual violence is ‘if you think a client is ‘difficult’, ‘hostile’ or to use the standard...

Davina James-Hanman
9 July 2014

Why I support the call to action

The harms women face are widespread yet consistently ignored. Many criminal justice interventions and support services serve to replicate and reinforce unequal gender relations rather than tackle the root causes of harm. Women facing criminalisation and gender based violence are repeatedly failed by society.

We need to think about and develop social interventions that get to the root of these problems. We are calling on others to work with us to challenge structural inequality and eradicate punishment and control in women's lives.


Little to lose, much to gain

There is a growing sense of frustration and sadness amongst practitioners and campaigners at the economic and political situation we now find ourselves in. Many of the gains in gender equality,...

Rebecca Roberts
28 May 2014

Taking forward the Justice Matters initiative

During March we held two really interesting and challenging Justice Matters events.

On Monday, 24th March we held the 'Justice Matters partners' event, focusing on the initiative as a whole...

Richard Garside
16 April 2014

A life of its own

Helen wrote about the Justice Matters for Women Event in a previous blog post and mentioned that this event was...

Laurel Townhead
14 April 2014

Ineffective police response towards domestic violence

A critical report by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary says that victims of domestic violence faced a 'lottery' in the way they are treated. Theresa May, Home Secretary, has called for a 'radical change', saying that she would chair a group to consider the findings of the report,...

27 March 2014