Getting Real About Gangs

Simon Hallsworth and Tara Young debunk some current myths about youth and gangs in the UK.

Following the brutal murder of two women in Birmingham in what was styled as a gang shooting, Britain has been gripped by gang fever. Where the street robber was the folk devil par excellence, it would now appear to be his brethren the urban delinquent gang.

Anti-gang strategy unevidenced and contradictory

Jon Shute and Juanjo Medina argue in a comment piece on our website that the government's 'Ending gang and youth violence' strategy is a 'shameful and appalling' waste of taxpayers' money.

They write:

'In... the era of austerity, £10 million of taxpayers’ money has been wasted on initiatives that have not been described or evaluated, and where grandiose success claims are made despite precisely no evidence of understanding or achievement.


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