G4S may still be prosecuted

Troubled security company G4S may still face criminal prosecution over its alleged overcharging on electronic monitoring and prisoner escort contracts, The...

12 March 2014

Go-ahead given for £250m 'supersize prison' to be built

A new 2,000 place prison will be built at Wrexham, giving rise to concerns that it will lead the way to more low-cost supersize prisons being built in future. Chris Grayling, the Justice Minister, has cited Oakwood as example where the...

8 January 2014

Lie detector tests won't be privatised

Plans to hand over the running of lie-detector tests for some individuals convicted of sexual offences to the private sector have been abandoned,...

6 January 2014

'Best in the business' bidding for probation work

The Ministry of Justice has announced that 30 bidders have passed the first stage of a competition to win regional probation service contracts.

Bids come from a range of private firms, charities, British and multinational business. The contracts will for the first time require every...

19 December 2013

Telling right from wrong

The appearance of four senior executives from Atos, Capita, G4S and Serco before the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee got off to a slow start yesterday. It soon warmed up.

G4S Chief Executive Ashley Almanza made the startling observation that the company had failed to 'tell...

21 November 2013