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Police can't be trusted to stop and search fairly

The former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell, who resigned from his post over the 'plebgate' affair, calls for an end to police stop and search where there are no grounds for suspicion.

Writing in The Times:

'In 2011-12 Asian or Asian British people accounted for nearly 17 per cent of such stops; black or black British people nearly 36 per cent. The situation has only worsened since the Macpherson Inquiry into Stephen Lawerence's death...

Scotland in the lead on stop and search

The Scottish police have stopped 'tens of thousands' of children without any legal cause, leading to concerns that there are inadequate safeguards and the searches could potentially breach childrens' human rights.

A study conducted by Kath Murray from the University of Edinburgh found that 26,000 children under 14 had been stopped, with 145,600 stop and searches against 15 to 20 year olds, in one year.

The research also found that people in Scotland were four times more likely to be stopped and searched than those in England.

Duggan's fingerprints and DNA not found on gun

Forensic experts did not find Mark Duggan's fingerprints or DNA on a gun which police claim he was holding when he was killed, a jury heard. Mr Duggan was shot dead by armed police officers in Ferry Lane, Tottenham, when the minicab he was travelling in was stopped in August 2011.

The marksman who shot Mr Duggan claimed he opened fire in self-defence after he saw the 29-year-old pointing a gun at him. No gun was found on Mr Duggan’s body but police recovered a firearm, wrapped in a dark sock, between ten and 20 feet away from where he was killed.

'Skins' actor sues police over false arrest claims

The actor Daniel Kaluuya, who has appeared in the TV drama Skins and the film Johnny English Reborn is to sue the police for assault and false imprisonment, The Independent reports.

My Kaluuya says he was dragged off a bus by the police in north London, pinned to the ground and strip searched. He claims racial stereotyping led to him being wrongly identified as a suspected drug dealer.

Housing needs of women from minority ethnic groups leaving HMP Holloway

How can women from minority ethnic groups leaving prison be rescued from homelessness? This is the question asked by a new research report by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. Many women leaving prison need urgent help to find or retain safe and decent housing; in addition they have multiple needs which call for a range of support and services.


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