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Centre responds to Lammy review announcement

The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies has responded to the announcement that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, has asked David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham, to lead a review into 'racial bias' in the criminal justice system. 

The Centre's deputy director, Will McMahon said,

'This review is long overdue, as is the implied acknowledgement that racism and discrimination is a problem in the criminal justice system.' 

#BlackLivesMatter: Criminal Justice Matters magazine out

The latest issue of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies' magazine, Criminal Justice Matters, is now available to view in full on our website and includes a special focus on racism, discrimination and criminal justice.
Guest edited by Will McMahon, the Deputy Director of the Centre, this issue includes;
  • Janet Alder on her brother’s unlawful killing in custody and the subsequent police surveillance of her family;  

Quantifying the ethnic penalty

Matt Ford brings together data highlighting areas of life where people are penalised for the colour of their skin. 

It's common to hear people talk about how we now live in a ‘post-racial’ society, where merit and effort determine the extent to which people are able to meet their basic needs and achieve their potential. Indeed, this argument is often invoked to counter proponents of positive discrimination. Here I am going to use data to show that it isn't true.


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