downsizing prisons

Downsizing prison the reform challenge of this generation

The Centre's Director, Richard Garside, today said that a major prison downsizing programme was the reform challenge of this generation.

His comments came in reaction to a call by senior politicians for the prison population to be halved. The call was made by the former Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, the former Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, and the former Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, in the letter published today in The Times newspaper.

'No chance of success' for government prison policy

The Ministry of Justice’s plan to reduce the prison population through a reduction in reoffending 'has almost no chance of success', the former New York City corrections and probation director Michael Jacobson writes in today's Guardian.

He also cautions against plans to build new prisons, arguing that 'you simply cannot build your way out' of the problem of prison overcrowding.

Halve prison numbers to cut spending?

The Ministry of Justice should halve the prison population if it wants to meet the target cuts in departmental spending set out by the Chancellor, says the Howard League for Penal Reform. The proposal, announced today, formed the basis of the Howard League's submission to the government's Spending Review 2015, which asked departments without ring-fenced budgets to submit plans to reduce spending by 25-40 per cent.

Investigating alternatives to custody across Europe

This month sees the Centre starting work on a new project comparing alternatives to incarceration across eight European countries.

The European Observatory on Alternatives to Incarceration, a two year project funded by the European Union, will draw on the expertise of organisations in eight European countries to establish a comparative picture of the use, implementation and success of alternatives to prison in each country. Crucially it intends to identify measures which have reduced the use of custody.


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