Is violence in decline?

The ongoing apparent fall in violence continues to perplex commentators and criminologists alike.

Just today the latest quarterly update of the ...

Richard Garside
24 April 2014

Fall in hospital visits for serious violence

An estimated 234,509 people sought treatment at hospital accident and emergency departments across England and Wales in 2013 following serious violence injury, The Guardian, among other papers,...

23 April 2014

Crime Statistics: Who can we count on?

For those of us engaged in teaching Criminology, perhaps the most surprising (though welcome) thing about the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee's (PASC) report ...

Professor Tim Hope
10 April 2014

Paris police crime figures cover-up claim

The Paris police engaged in a decade-long underrecording of crime incidents to make the French capital appear safer than it was, a government-ordered report claims.

According to...

4 March 2014

Police crime figures can't be trusted

The UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) has announced that the National Statistics designation is to be removed from police recorded crime data.


16 January 2014