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Police crime statistics whistleblower resigns

PC James Patrick, who last year told the House of Commons Public Administration Committee that the police fiddle crime statistics, has resigned.

PC Patrick, who was facing disciplinary proceedings as a result of his revelations, said he resigned because of the way he had been treated:

'This resignation arises directly from my treatment as a result of making disclosures in good faith and in the public interest.

Paris police crime figures cover-up claim

The Paris police engaged in a decade-long underrecording of crime incidents to make the French capital appear safer than it was, a government-ordered report claims.

According to The Daily Telegraph 16,000 suspected crime incidents were wiped from police records in 2011 and 13,000 in 2012. The claims follow a report last year that found that almost 130,000 crime incidents had 'disappeared' nationally in France between 2007 and 2012.


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