Yes but no but... Grayling adds to confusion over prison book ban

In the latest development in the simmering prison book ban controversy, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has written an 'open letter' to the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy.

The letter looks set to add to confusion over the reason for the ban on prisoners receiving books and other items in...

30 March 2014

Go-ahead given for £250m 'supersize prison' to be built

A new 2,000 place prison will be built at Wrexham, giving rise to concerns that it will lead the way to more low-cost supersize prisons being built in future. Chris Grayling, the Justice Minister, has cited Oakwood as example where the...

8 January 2014

Government policy 'inhumane' and 'dysfunctional'

The offender management system in prisons in England and Wales is dysfunctional and should be subject to a fundamental review, the Chief Inspectors of Prisons and Probation have concluded...

17 December 2013

Wot no speech?

Before the 2010 General Election the current Justice Secretary Chris Grayling was the shadow Home Secretary.

In November 2009 we hosted Mr Grayling as he gave a keynote speech setting out how a future Conservative government would approach law and order questions. 'It's very easy for the...

13 November 2013

Our approach to law and order

It's very easy for the politics of crime to be just about the headlines. Tough talk, eye-catching initiatives, steps to capture the popular mood sometimes seem to be an inescapable part of...

17 November 2009

Prisons: cheaper, not smaller

Politicians' speeches can be disappointing affairs. Eye-catching initiatives are trailed in advance and major announcements promised. In delivery they can savour of anticlimax, offering little...

20 November 2012