Tough talk costs lives

Michael Gove is the latest politician to accept that we lock up too many people in prison.

24 November 2016

Michael Gove and the future of electronic monitoring

The hubristically named 'New World' electronic montoring (EM) strategy, devised by the Conservative-led Coalition Government back in 2012, was a commercial, technological and penal fiasco and there is nothing to be regretted about its passing.

11 March 2016

Better an ideologue than a barbarian

That an air of cautious optimism has attended Michael Gove's appointment as Justice Secretary is in no small part down to his predecessor.

Chris Grayling was, by some distance, the worst...

9 October 2015

Imposing austerity through nationalisation

Faced with a barristers' boycott last year in a dispute over legal aid fees, the then Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, underwent what appeared to be an unlikely political conversion.


6 July 2015

Prisons inspector won't reapply for job

Nick Hardwick, the Chief Inspector of Prisons for England and Wales, took to Twitter today to announce that he wouldn't be reapplying for his job.

2 December 2014

'Safety' in custody figures released

According to Ministry of Justice figures released last Thursday, there has been a 69% rise in suicides in penal institutions in the 12 months ending in March 2014. ...

5 August 2014