'Roads better than warships' in tackling piracy

A study by two UK universities concludes that the local elites and communities protect pirates in Somalia because they lack an income, reports BBC News. The study, by the University of Oxford and King's College London...

17 July 2014

British Journal of Criminology: free virtual issue

This week the British Society of Criminology is holding its annual conference in Liverpool.

To coincide with the conference a free virtual issue of the British Journal of Criminology (BJC) on 'Global Criminology: Prospects and Challenges' is...

7 July 2014

Major criminology prize awarded

Each year the Editors of the British Journal of Criminology award the Radzinowicz Prize for the article that in their view has most contributed to knowledge of criminal justice issues and the development of criminology.

The prize is named in honour of...

9 May 2014

Parrots, drugs and undercover police

Parrot poaching in Bolivia, drug manufacturing in clandestine laboratories and undercover policing in Holland. It's difficult to know where to start in the March 2011 issue of the British Journal of Criminology...

15 April 2011

On Whose Side? In Whose Interests?

Execution troubles David Garland. It involves the active decision to end a life ‘where killing is neither necessary nor unavoidable’ (p. 9). Its victims are also socially selected. ‘Death seems to...

Richard Garside
2 November 2011