New research: link between online hate speech with real-world hate crime

The latest post on the Oxford University Press blog examines the link between online hate speech and hate crime as it happens in the real world. 

Researcher and blog post author, Professor Matthew Williams, has been conducting research in this area. His findings suggest that anti-Black and anti-Muslim hate speech online is linked to heightened racial and religious violence and harassment.

The post is a summary of an article by...

14 October 2019

Free content in the British Journal of Criminology

The British Journal of Criminology (BJC) is one of the world's top criminology journals. It publishes work of the highest quality from around the world and across all areas of criminology.

We publish the BJC in partnership with an independent academic editorial board and Oxford...

8 October 2017

Research on big data approaches to crime and justice

Big data and criminology is the focus of a March issue The British Journal of Criminology.

A free-to-download article by Matthew L. Williams, Pete Burnap and Luke Sloan assesses the potential role of social media in...

26 March 2017

Criminalisation not a solution to domestic violence

A special virtual issue of The British Journal of Criminology has grouped together articles spanning more than thirty years of scholarship on domestic violence.

Many of the articles challenge the commonsense assumption that more laws and tougher criminal justice enforcement will...

23 March 2017

Security industry shapes public view of law breakers

An article examining how the 19th century security industry shaped the public understanding of law breakers has been judged the best article published in The British Journal of Criminology last year. The prize, named in honour of criminologist Sir Leon Radzinowicz, is one of the most...

27 March 2017

Online abuse of women a form of violence

Online abuse directed at women who debate feminist politics should be treated as a form of violence, claims new research published in The British Journal of Criminology.

The research – by Ruth Lewis, Michael Rowe and Clare Wiper of Northumbria University – found that most of the women they surveyed had 'experienced multiple types of abuse and almost half...

11 January 2017