alternatives to custody

Discussing alternatives to criminal justice

As part of the Justice Matters project we asked people to tell us what they would build in place of criminal justice to deal with the social harms that affect society.  This is a challenging subject. It is challenging because it is about rethinking the configuration of policy and practice – for instance in housing, education, health, social security and employment – so that many current criminal justice responses are not required at all.

Alternatives to custody: national workshops

These workshops, held on 10 June and 23 September, aimed to explore why the UK's substantial use of alternatives to custody in recent years has had no effect on prisoner numbers. We wanted to identify examples of good practice, as well as problematic areas, in the use of alternatives, as part of a wider European project aiming to reduce our reliance on prison.

At this event, we considered restorative justice and the risks and challenges presented by the current criminal justice and probation climate.


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