The 'alternative to custody' myth

Helen Mills questions claims that community sentences cut prison numbers.
Helen Mills
cjm 83: Myths and criminal justice

I would give up... women's imprisonment

Before you interject that my proposal is discriminatory, I would give up women’s imprisonment and set that up as a template for doing pretty much the same thing for...

Frances Crook
9 June 2014

The challenge of downsizing criminal justice

Thank you for inviting me to speak tonight at this important event.

Before I get on to the substance of what I will be saying today, a quick observation on the speech earlier today...

Richard Garside
22 May 2014

I would give up... locking up children

Britain is now the prison capital of Europe sending more people to prison than any other western European country. At the end of August 2013 there were 1,239 children (under-18s) in custody. While...

Paul Gavin
20 May 2014

I would give up... the term ‘criminal justice system’

I would give up... using the the term ‘criminal justice system’ (CJS) as it is a not a just system and the use of the term ‘justice’ means we collude in the idea that it is. Instead we should use...

Jordan Beaumont
10 April 2014

I would give up...youth courts

I would give up... the youth court, raise the age of criminal responsibility, set up a welfare based approach similar to that which exists in most of Europe. Chris Stanley JP explains why:...

Chris Stanley
19 March 2014