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Matt Ford
Thursday, 15 July 2021

Last March, I wrote that when we come out of the pandemic, things should not go back to business as usual.

Prisons should not be filled up with even more people who experience most acutely the social problems governments don’t want to solve. Our communities should not be left without the support and resources they need.  

Now that we're coming out of the worst of the pandemic, we're taking this forward. We are building a movement for the redevelopment of land currently occupied by prisons, for the benefit of local communities. 

There is always a better use for a piece of land than as a place for a prison. 

Working with local communities around prisons, we are raising awareness and supporting action about how prison sites can be used differently to meet people’s needs.  

Later this month, we will be releasing a new interactive guide to every existing prison across England and Wales, the first of a number of resources we will be producing to support local and national initiatives.  

If you’d like to be part of our movement, please sign up to our special After Prison mailing list.