Introducing UK Justice Policy Review 7

Richard Garside
Thursday, 14 June 2018

Since 2010, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies has been assessing criminal justice developments across the UK through its UK Justice Policy Review programme.

Our latest publication – UK Justice Policy Review 7 – is due out on 25 June. It covers the period from the 2016 Brexit referendum to the 2017 General Election.

As with previous editions, UK Justice Policy Review 7 covers developments in policing, courts and legal aid, prisons, and probation.

There are also sections on the speeches given by the main players in government, and the key legislation that worked its way, or failed to progress, through parliament and the other legislative assemblies.

Our aim is to offer an accessible overview of the main developments, rather than a detailed and comprehensive coverage of every twist and turn.

The text is accompanied by a variety of tables, charts and infographics, including the one here on the court closure programme.

All previous reports and briefings under this programme are available to download from our website.

Looking forward, we have ambitious plans to develop the UK Justice Policy Review programme. These include:

  • at least five more annual reports
  • a series of UKJPR Focus briefings, offering in-depth coverage of key areas
  • a number of events, ranging from small private seminars to larger public gatherings

If you want to keep in the loop on developments in the UK Justice Policy Review programme, share your details with us here.