Young people who sexually abuse

Roger Grimshaw
Tuesday, 22 July 2008

CCJS has undertaken a detailed and systematic literature review to establish if there are effective interventions for young people who sexually abuse. Commissioned by the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales the review informed a source document, from which a Key Elements of Effective Practice (KEEP) guidance document was drawn. The Youth Justice Board wished CCJS to use a systematic review of research to:

  • Identify the elements of an effective service in relation to assessing young people who sexually abuse, and providing or securing access to interventions to address their offending behaviour and increase protective factors.
  • To draw on these findings, alongside the original source document which was produced following a review conducted in 2001/2002
  • To use the results of these to produce a core document of findings (source document)
  • To use the source document as the basis for a summary Key Element of Effective Practice guidance note for the use of YOTs