Perspectives from inside: A report from HMP Grendon and HMP Barlinnie

Abigail Amey, Zoe Ellis and Will McMahon
Tuesday, 17 March 2015

In this report Abigail Amey, Zoe Ellis and Will McMahon summarise the views of those who attended two events held at HMP Grendon, in June 2014, and HMP Barlinnie, in October 2014, as to how far UK prisons follow the European Prison Rules as recommended by the Council of Europe. 

We held three workshops following different themes during the course of each day. Those attending the events included prisoners, prison staff, voluntary sector providers and researchers: the report is focussed on their views and responses to the workshops. 

This report is part of the European Prison Observatory project, which ran from January 2013 to December 2014. We were the UK partner in the 8-partner project, funded by the European Union, to compare prison conditions, share best practice, and promote the National Preventive Mechanism and human rights across Europe. 

Also on this page is the Scottish Prison Service Research department's response to the publication.