Perspectives from inside: A report from HMP Grendon and HMP Barlinnie

In this report Abigail Amey, Zoe Ellis and Will McMahon summarise the views of those who attended two events held at HMP Grendon, in June 2014, and HMP Barlinnie, in October 2014, as to how far UK prisons follow the European Prison Rules as recommended by the Council of Europe. We held three...
Abigail Amey, Zoe Ellis and Will McMahon
17 March 2015

Institutional care and poverty: making common cause?

Consider this scenario: a social policy analyst examining evidence about two groups in institutional care notices that many members of each group come from a background of poverty and face an...

Roger Grimshaw
16 September 2014

Prisoners are people too

I’m in the middle of writing a speech for an event on criminal justice under the coalition government Friday week. The speech is called, rather modestly,...

Richard Garside
10 February 2011

One cheer for votes for prisoners

For those who still doubt that Andrew Neil is, at heart, a deeply unpleasant man, take a look at his BBC ‘interview’ of a couple of days ago...