The state and corporations: Is accountability possible?

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

In June 2015, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies co-hosted the 'Challenging state and corporate impunity: Is accountability possible?' conference in London.

Conference speakers and participants discussed the challenges involved in holding state and corporate institutions to account for abuses of power and the social harm they cause. We heard from Tony Bunyan (Statewatch), Suresh Grover (The Monitoring Group), Deborah Hargreaves (High Pay Centre), Ewa Jasiewicz, Dr Sarah Lamble (Birkbeck University), Will McMahon (Centre for Crime and Justice Studies) and Dr David Whyte (University of Liverpool). The conference was held in partnership with the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology at the University of Liverpool.

This event followed the successful 'How Corrupt is Britain?' (2013) and 'How Violent is Britain?' (2014) conferences focusing on the abuse of power and social harms of state and corporate bodies and brought people together from a range of organisations to discuss how to hold state and corporate institutions to account. 

Here are the introductions from the invited keynote speakers: 

What is the role of researchers in supporting movements for state accountability?

Tony Bunyan, Director, Statewatch

How do we challenge corporate abuses of power?

Deborah Hargreaves, Director, High Pay Centre

Using journalism to support social movements for accountability

Ewa Jasiewicz


Challenging racism in policing and holding the police to account

Suresh Grover, Director, The Monitoring Group