The state and corporations: Is accountability possible?

In June 2015, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies co-hosted the 'Challenging state and corporate impunity: Is accountability possible?' conference in London.

Conference speakers and participants discussed the challenges involved in holding state and corporate institutions to...

6 October 2015

Organising for change - short film

Dr Sarah Lamble of Birkbeck University recently gave a presentation to the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies on balancing short term reform goals with long term change. Based on her research and experiences of working in the anti-violence movement, Sarah identifies a number of key challenges...

25 August 2015

The marketisation of prison alternatives

Sarah Lamble explores why market logics curtail possibilities for genuine alternatives. In 1976, Michel Foucault warned against the dangers of institutionalising alternatives to prison. Noting how seemingly progressive strategies can re-enact similar punitive functions to that of the prison, he...