Our research on joint enterprise cited

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Joint Enterprise was back in the news last week with an article by Harry Stopes, which cites our work on racism, joint enterprise and gangs.

In January 2016, we co-produced research with Becky Clarke and Patrick Williams from Manchester Metropolitan University and the organisations Black Training and Enterprise Group and Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association.

The report, Dangerous Associations, was a product of the growing criticism of joint enterprise from campaigners, researchers and civil society organisations.

The report concludes that, for all its injustices, the process of joint enterprise prosecution is not intended to be discriminatory. But in practice, young black and minority ethnic people are disproportionately at the receiving end of a series of criminal justice practices, starting with police gang databases and concluding with disproportionate joint enterprise convictions.

Last month, Becky Clarke wrote in The Times newspaper (£) that a review of the controversial joint enterprise law was long overdue.