The usual suspects

The Usual Suspects uses national data to assess the use of joint enterprise laws in prosecutions for serious violence in England and Wales over the last fifteen years.

28 April 2022

Putting up a wall

Next month, we're publishing new research suggesting that the criminal justice system remains stubbornly resistant to meaningful reform.

23 March 2022

Time for action on joint enterprise injustice

Six years to the day since the Supreme Court ruled that the laws on joint enterprise had been wrongly applied for over thirty years, it is time for radical reform to address the injustices of joint enterprise prosecutions.

18 February 2022

Challenging injustices

Last week, my colleague Helen Mills spoke at an event organised by JENGbA (Joint Enterprise, Not Guilty by Association).

7 February 2022

Coming up

We have a number of reports due out in the coming months.

28 January 2022