Grayling's repeat caution ban pledge

Thursday, 14 November, 2013

The Independent reports on plans by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling to ban repeat cautions.

As shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling gave a keynote speech to the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies in 2009. In the speech he described the use of cautions as a 'safe option' that was 'likely to reinforce a pattern of reoffending'. He continued:

'I am clear that in Government, if we need to, we intend to move as quickly as possible to reduce the useage of cautions and fixed penalty notices. Not to abolish them. In some areas they have a real role to play. But to end the situation where so many are being used inappropriately.'

Mr Grayling's speech is no longer on the Conservative Party website as they have recently removed much of the pre-2010 content.

Fortunately you can read Mr Grayling's speech in full on our website.