Does more stop and search mean less crime?

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Yesterday we held a really interesting roundtable on the effectiveness of stop and search on crime levels.

The event was part of our UK Justice Policy Review programme which provides analysis of criminal justice policy developments through a series of briefings, annual reviews and events. 

Professor Ben Bradford (University College London), Dr Paul Quinton (College of Policing) and Matteo Tiratelli (University of Manchester) presented their research, Does stop and search deter crime? Evidence from ten years of London-wide data, published earlier this year in The British Journal of Criminology

Katrina Ffrench, Chief Executive at StopWatch and Rory Geoghegan, Head of Criminal Justice at the Centre for Social Justice gave responses to the research findings and we held a wider disucssion and debate after. 

We'd like to thank everybody for attending and making the roundtable a useful and interesting discussion on crime, policing and stop and search. 

We're hoping to publish a briefing by Ben and his colleagues drawing out the implications for policing that flow from their research in early 2019.

In the meantime, you can download Ben's presentation below.