British Journal of Criminology- May 2014 issue now available

Thursday, 17 April 2014

The May 2014 issue of the British Journal of Criminology (Issue 54, Vol.3) is out now.

Sadiya Akram's article, 'Recognising the 2011 riots as a political protest' is this Issue's 'editor's choice' and has been made available for free download. 

Other articles include (subscription only): 

  • Backman, Estrada, Nilsson and Shannon make the case for staggered birth cohort studies and consider how societal changes may impact on life chances.
  • Ricardelli and Spencer explore how people convicted of sexual offences seek to 'pass' as non sex offenders and the methods used by staff and other prisoners to expose them.
  • Jonathan-Zamir and Harpaz explore police legitimacy from the perspective of the police and finds that Israeli commanding police officers associate their external legitimacy with accomplishments in fighting crime rather than with procedural justice.

For a full list of articles, visit the British Journal of Criminology website.