#BlackLivesMatter: Criminal Justice Matters magazine out

Tuesday, 29 September 2015
The latest issue of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies' magazine, Criminal Justice Matters, is now available to view in full on our website and includes a special focus on racism, discrimination and criminal justice.
Guest edited by Will McMahon, the Deputy Director of the Centre, this issue includes;
  • Janet Alder on her brother’s unlawful killing in custody and the subsequent police surveillance of her family;  
  • Aggrey Burke writes about achieving a sense of belonging following displacement and alienation;
  • J M Moore argues that the continuation of punitive strategies is firmly rooted in colonial history;  
  • Anthony Gunter traces the extent of criminalisation and how it extends across institutions;
  • Rebecca Roberts explores the social and historical context to disproportionality in the criminal justice system;
  • Matt Ford brings together data highlighting areas of life where people are penalised for the colour of their skin;
  • Jules Holroyd discusses implicit racial bias;
  • Rebekah Delsol discusses profiling across the USA and Europe.
  • Steve Tombs' review of Simon Pemberton’s book, Harmful Societies. Understanding Social Harm.
Read the articles in full here.