Best from the brainboxes

Monday, 26 January 2015

Here's a selection of the best stuff we've read this month written by academics:

An entire virtual issue of the Howard Journal of Criminal Justice on the theme of 'Crimes of the powerful', featuring articles by Steve Tombs and David Whyte. 

John Moore's paper from the British Society of Criminology conference: 'Is the Empire coming home? Liberalism, exclusion and the punitiveness of the British State'. This great article talks about how criminal justice racism and punitiveness are nothing new, but simply a continuation of colonial violence. 

William Wood on why restorative justice will not reduce incarceration, available as an advance access British Journal of Criminology article.

The latest issue of the Prison Service Journal is also now available free on our site. This edition is based around the theme of the 2014 Perrie Lectures, 'Making sense of life sentences'.