Reforming short sentences debated in the House of Lords this week

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

As the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill continues to make its way through parliament, on Monday an amendment the Centre has supported was debated at the Lords Committee stage of the Bill.

The new clause aims to reduce the use of custody for less serious offending, for which there are better and more appropriate responses in the community. Important contributions were made on both the need for reform and what the potential mechanisms for best addressing the issues raised could look like.

We're grateful to Lord Ponsonby and Lord German for speaking in support of the amendment in the face of government complacency on this issue and look forward to continuing to make the case for change. Our thanks to the Lloyds Bank Foundation for supporting this work.

Read our briefing (downloadable at the bottom of this piece) and get in touch if you're interested in hearing more. 

Watch the contributions from Lord Ponsonby, Lord German and Lord Marks below.