Policing part one: Our summer reading list

Friday, 7 August 2020

As part of our summer reading lists, this week we've collected our favourite articles on policing from the Centre's archives as well as more recent commentaries. 

Mark Blake calls for the political will to push for cultural changes in policing, to address racial injustice and hold police to account. 

Ed Cape shines a light on the compromised objectivity of the police during criminal proceedings in 2008 in which Virgin Ltd and the Metropolitan Police struck a deal to prosecute fraudulent activity.

If you're more interested in the nitty gritty of policing costs and financing, take a look at our report assessing police expenditure between 1999 - 2009. 

Professor Tim Hope reminds us that policing is a political football, and has offered his guide to, 'The dishonest politician's guide to the police'. 

Dr Patrick Williams explains how the construct of 'gangs' have been racialised which perpetuates and legitimises the racist over-policing of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic young people and communities in England and Wales.

Professor Ben Bowling evaluates former Home Secretary, Theresa May's stop and search reforms. Reforms were welcome, but should have gone much further. 

Read Dr Will Jackson's commentary on the policing of anti-fracking protests in Barton Moss. 

For the view on Scottish policing reforms, Kenny MacAskill makes the case that such radical public sector reform was necessary.