Conference presentations and speeches by the Centre's staff


This is the commentary from a presentation about the data on the ethnic penalty given by the Centre's Research and Policy Assistant, Matt Ford, at the 'Justice Matters for young black men: tackling the ethnic penalty' event on 28 January 2015. It should be read in conjunction with the data in the attached slides to which it refers.


These are the slides presented by Dr Anthony Gunter at the 'Justice Matters for young black men: tackling the ethnic penalty' event on 28 January 2015.


This is an abridged version of an introduction given by Rebecca Roberts at the 'Violence against women: From intervention to prevention?' roundtable event on 19 November 2015.


On 21 May Richard Garside spoke at a 'People's Parliament' event on 'Policing, Prisons and Probation: Current and Future Agendas'. This is a write up of what he said.


Our Deputy Director Will McMahon spoke about the Justice Matters initiative at our partners event on March 24. This is the text of what he said.


A transcript of the 2012 Eve Saville lecture given by Professor Pat Carlen to the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies on 6 November 2012.


Based on her 2011 Eve Saville Lecture Susie Orbach writes about the role psychoanalytical theory can play in understanding the relationships between recession, riots and social change.


At the anniversary party for the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, at the IET London overlooking the Thames, Richard Garside gave a speech to the gathered audience to celebrate the Centre's past 80 years.


This is a presentation given by Richard Garside at an invite only seminar - Criminal justice under the coalition - in February 2011. Other speakers at the event included Professor Eugene McLaughlin, Professor Rod Morgan and Professor Lee Bridges.


The write up of the speech given by Richard Garside on December 9, 2010 at a Barrow Cadbury Trust hosted roundtable on criminal justice innovation. Richard was debating with Aubrey Fox of the New York Center for Court Innovation.