Youth justice policy: Present and future

The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies is an independent educational charity, based in London, that advances public understanding of crime, criminal justice and social harm. Through partnership...

13 July 2017

Is there a link between youth poverty and crime?

Today, for a substantial minority of 16- to 24-year-olds, to be young is to be workless, poorly paid or just plain poor. Young people in this age group are among the most disadvantaged in the UK,...

5 November 2015

Getting Real About Gangs

Simon Hallsworth and Tara Young debunk some current myths about youth and gangs in the UK. Following the brutal murder of two women in Birmingham in what was styled as a gang shooting, Britain has been gripped by gang fever. Where the street robber was the folk devil par excellence , it would now...
cjm 55: Causes of crime