Young adults and antisocial behaviour enforcement

Building on work we completed last year, we are carrying out a series of activities to further explore how antisocial behaviour (ASB) measures are being used to sanction young adults (18 to 25 year olds), particularly in areas where use of the measures is high.

ASB measures can be used by local authorities, the police, and housing providers to sanction particular behaviours in public and private spaces. Very little is known about ASB measures; how they are used, who is being sanctioned by them, or what the outcomes are of using this approach. There is no...

New project: Young adults and antisocial behaviour enforcement

Our latest project, funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, is now underway.

It will build on the findings from the project on young adults and antisocial behaviour measures we completed last year, which established the extent of the use of three antisocial behaviour (ASB) tools to sanction young adults in England and Wales.

We aim to further explore how...

4 April 2019

Anti-social behaviour powers and young adults: The data

This briefing provides the most comprehensive picture possible about the sanctions young adults have received as a result of three key antisocial behaviour powers, from the behaviours for which young adults are sanctioned, to where young adults are prosecuted and the court sentences they receive...
Helen Mills and Matt Ford
18 July 2018

Anti-social behaviour powers and young adults: Practitioners' accounts

It covers issues from the recognition of young adults in the workload to practitioners’ experiences of compliance with this age group. It also provides eight practitioners’ accounts of what happened as a result of their using ASB powers to sanction behaviour particularly pertinent to young adults...
Matt Ford, Roger Grimshaw and Helen Mills, with Neala Hickey
18 July 2018

The prison estate and the pound sign

As a qualitative researcher I’m often quick to point out the limits of interpreting the world through numbers. However, having worked on...

Helen Mills
11 December 2013

The use of the Community Order and Suspended Sentence Order for Young Adult Offenders

Community sentences need to be more responsive to the needs of young adult offenders, according to a report published today by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. The report, which examines the use of the new Community Order and Suspended Sentence Order for adults aged between 18 and 24 found...
Stephen Stanley
18 June 2007