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Centre welcomes abandonment of Troubled Families Programme

Our report arguing that claims of success for the Troubled Families Programme were ‘too good to be true’ was cited this morning on the Radio Four Today programme.

The programme also heard from Professor Jonathan Portes, formerly of the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR), who said the controversial Programme had in effect been abandoned.

While at NIESR, Professor Portes was part of team that evaluated the Programme. They found that 'participation in the programme had no significant or systemic impact' on the families.

Comment on Troubled Families report leak

Commenting on the leak of the independent Troubles Families evaluation, described as ‘damning’ of the project by a senior civil servant, our Deputy Director, Will McMahon, said:

‘It is no surprise that the government has done its level best to sit on the findings of the independent evaluation. With £400 million spent and another £900 million in the budget, the Troubled Families programme is a huge waste of public money.’


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