Prison lockdown: breaking minds and destroying lives

Under the tight restrictions of lockdown in prisons in England and Wales since March 2020 in response to COVID-19, it is now the ‘norm’ for prisoners to be kept in their cells for up to 23 hours a day.

28 October 2020

The sickness haunting the prison system

There is a sickness haunting the prison service in England and Wales. This sickness, which systematically generates suffering and death, goes right to the very heart of the daily workings of prison regimes.

2 February 2017

Downsize prison to tackle suicide crisis

Our Director, Richard Garside, has called on the government to develop a long-term plan to downsize prisons across England and Wales. The government should aim to at least halve the number of people locked up over the next twenty years, he said.

His call comes as...

26 January 2017

Mental health in prison a growing problem

The border between prison and the outside community appears to be particularly open to people with mental health problems.

In 1997, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) published a...

16 December 2016

Reform prisons a tragic distraction

Given the parlous state of prisons across England and Wales, a reform-minded Justice Minister like Michael Gove has ample opportunity to make his mark.

18 May 2016

Doing bad policy well

Two developments this month point to deep problems at the heart of the prison and probation systems in England and Wales.

Grim news on prisons

On prisons,...

29 April 2016

'Safety' in custody figures released

According to Ministry of Justice figures released last Thursday, there has been a 69% rise in suicides in penal institutions in the 12 months ending in March 2014. ...

5 August 2014

Crime and the recession. Is there a link?

The annual publication of official crime data has been a bit of a damp squib in recent years, at least as far as press and political interest is concerned. Crime falling is nowhere near as good a...

14 July 2011