Stafford Scott

'Wall of silence’ threatens Undercover Policing Inquiry

The police are building a near 'impenetrable wall of silence' around some of their most secret and harmful practices, according to a new report out today (Tuesday 24 October). The report shows that over six years on from revelations about police infiltration of political activist groups, and more than two years since the establishment of a public inquiry to investigate their activity, little more has come to light about undercover policing practices.

All Tottenham needs justice

Stafford Scott, a co-founder of the Broadwater Defence Campaign, argues in today's Guardian that PC Blakelock's murder was tragic, but so were other local deaths at the hands of police. He points out that Tottenham police officers were involved in the deaths of Cynthia Jarrett, Joy Gardner, Roger Sylvester and Mark Duggan. But no one has yet been convicted.

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