spending cuts

Centre's director in the New York Times

The Centre's director, Richard Garside, was quoted in the New York Times last week. 

The article explores the effects of austerity on policing in the UK, where police are increasingly being used to deal with the rising numbers of non-crime-related emergency calls in the context of fewer officers and sustained budget cuts since 2010. Additionally, social services have suffered from cuts at the same time. 

Halve prison numbers to cut spending?

The Ministry of Justice should halve the prison population if it wants to meet the target cuts in departmental spending set out by the Chancellor, says the Howard League for Penal Reform. The proposal, announced today, formed the basis of the Howard League's submission to the government's Spending Review 2015, which asked departments without ring-fenced budgets to submit plans to reduce spending by 25-40 per cent.

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