Short sentence reform: Lessons from the pandemic

Professor Nicky Padfield says there is reason to be cautiously optimistic about the impact of COVID-19 on prison sentencing, whilst also remembering the pains of imprisonment. 

20 August 2020

Short sentence reform: Get on and do it

Watch Kenny MacAskill speak at our webinar on short prison sentence reform on how to move from words to action when pushing for reform.

6 August 2020

What are the prospects of short prison sentence reform?

Over 60 per cent of all those sentenced to prison in England and Wales are subject to a sentence of less than a year. The vast majority are sentenced to less than six months in custody.

Helen Mills
2 July 2020

Finding social, not criminal justice, solutions to our problems

At our final webinar on socially-distanced justice last week, Adam Elliott-Cooper of The Monitoring Group and the University of Greenwich spoke about the demands being made by the black lives matter protestors.

Richard Garside
26 June 2020