What are the prospects of short prison sentence reform?

Over 60 per cent of all those sentenced to prison in England and Wales are subject to a sentence of less than a year. The vast majority are sentenced to less than six months in custody.

Helen Mills
2 July 2020

Finding social, not criminal justice, solutions to our problems

At our final webinar on socially-distanced justice last week, Adam Elliott-Cooper of The Monitoring Group and the University of Greenwich spoke about the demands being made by the black lives matter protestors.

Richard Garside
26 June 2020

Short prison sentencing

This project aims to identify the options, impacts and issues for impactful sentencing reform intended to reduce the use of short prison sentences.

There has been a lot of recent interest in this policy area. Last year, Scotland extended its presumption against short prison sentences. In England and Wales, plans to restrict sentencers' access to short term imprisonment were mooted but failed to progress. The case for reform has been made on...
12 February 2020

Government backdown on short sentences?

Our Director, Richard Garside, was quoted in The Times (paywall) on Justice Secretary David Gauke's recently announced prison reform plans.

In the wake of recent deaths from knife violence reported in the media, the Justice Secretary appears to be diluting his proposals to abolish short-term sentences, after facing pressure from the Prime Minister. At the weekend No. 10 said that both short and long-term sentences would be necessary...

12 March 2019

Action needed on short prison sentences in Scotland

In 2010 the Scottish Government legislated for a presumption against sentences of less than three months. Six months had been sought, but cross-party support was absent for the minority SNP...

Kenny MacAskill
24 June 2016