Why the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act must be improved

Some basic maths proposes that if an adult defendant in a magistrates court receives a sentence of seven months, for even a driving offence, the consequence will be potential unemployment for eight times that, under the current law forcing disclosure of convictions to employers.

16 July 2020

The potential of rehabilitative cultures

Dr Jamie Bennett introduces the latest edition of the Prison Service Journal concluding that support for rehabilitative cultures has emerged during the prison crisis

27 June 2019

'No chance of success' for government prison policy

The Ministry of Justice’s plan to reduce the prison population through a reduction in reoffending 'has almost no chance of success', the former New York City corrections and probation director Michael Jacobson...

5 May 2016

The fantasy of prisons as places of reform

The Independent has today published a letter by our Director, Richard Garside, calling for an end to the unnecessary imprisonment of tens of thousands of fellow citizens.

Richard was responding to an...

10 March 2016

A real equality before the law

‘Rehabilitation’ is difficult to define when applied to criminal justice. Re-integration, re-settlement or re-entry are often used instead of re-habilitation. Yet all these terms imply that those...

19 December 2013

Punishment and Rehabilitation

Prison numbers seem to be rising inexorably. On current trends it is likely that the 80,000 cap, suggested by Government at the time of the Carter Report, will be reached in short order. More...

1 August 2005