Crime Statistics: Who can we count on?

For those of us engaged in teaching Criminology, perhaps the most surprising (though welcome) thing about the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee's (PASC) report ...

10 April 2014

Police accused of fiddling crime figures, again

In the latest hearing before the House of Commons Public Administration Committee Professor Mike Hough of Birkbeck, University of London and a member of the Crime Statistics Advisory Board (CSAB) said that some of the falls in police recorded crime levels was down to police misrecording crime...

12 December 2013

Shooting the messenger

PC James Patrick, who last week gave evidence to the House of Commons Public Administration Committee on the 'fiddling' of crime figures, faces a disciplinary hearing next week, The Times reports (...

22 November 2013

Are police too concerned with performance targets?

MPs were yesterday given the low down on what nodding, cuffing, skewing and stitching is in the manipulation of police crime stats. They were told how crime figures have been routinely re categorised, downgraded or even ignored in order to meet performance targets.   

These manipulations...