Public want ban on revolving door appointments

The British public wants a ban on ‘revolving door’ appointments, where former ministers and civil servants join private companies they have worked closely with while in government. The findings come in a new briefing published today by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. The briefing, called Redefining Corruption, also finds that the public disapprove of the common practice of accountancy firms advising government on tax policies, only to use the insider information gained to help corporate clients avoid paying tax.

Exporting criminal justice around the world

Plans for the UK to build a £25 million prison in Jamaica with the capacity to hold 1,500 people were announced by David Cameron today at the start of his visit to the Caribbean island, the BBC reports. The prison will hold Jamaican nationals convicted of breaking the law in the UK.

The news came as David Cameron rejected calls from Jamaican MPs and campaigners for the UK to pay reparations for the slave trade it ran in the Caribbean for hundreds of years. Cameron said that Jamaica should 'move on from this painful legacy'. 


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