The usefulness of criminal profiling

Craig Jackson, David Wilson and Baljit Kaur Rana review some of the evidence on the profiling process In 2010 we published a critical review of a book by the legendary FBI profiler John Douglas, covering his role in the hunt for the ‘Bind, Torture Kill’ (‘BTK’) serial murderer, in Wichita, Kansas,...
cjm 84: Drugs

The dubious 'science' of risk prediction in criminal justice

The prediction, assessment and management of risk have become central to processes of criminal justice administration in many countries around the world.  Indeed, the ‘risk of offending’, along...

Deborah Drake, Catriona Havard, and John Muncie
22 October 2014

Crime and social justice

In a recent newspaper article the front-bench Conservative MP and former Spectator editor Boris Johnson reflected on class divisions in contemporary British society. 'The real divide,' he observed...