The political barriers to prisoner vaccination

When the coronavirus crisis hit last year, many of us were deeply worried about the prospect of its spread through the prison system, and the severe illness and death that would follow in its wake.

19 March 2021

Comment on the forced resignation of Nick Hardwick

Our Director, Richard Garside, spoke on last night's BBC Newsnight on the dismissal of Nick Hardwick as Chair of the Parole Board.

Richard told the programme:

It’s really important as we look forward that the independence of the Parole Board from political interference is absolutely guaranteed.

It’s really striking in his resignation letter that Nick Hardwick raises the question, effectively, of

29 March 2018

Prisons inspector won't reapply for job

Nick Hardwick, the Chief Inspector of Prisons for England and Wales, took to Twitter today to announce that he wouldn't be reapplying for his job.

2 December 2014

Chief Inspector blasts conditions in Feltham

Nick Hardwick, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, has described how conditions in Feltham Young Offenders Institution have 'deteriorated markedly' and the prison 'as a whole was an unacceptably violent place', in the March issue of Criminal Justice Matters magazine. Levels of violence...

24 March 2014

Government policy 'inhumane' and 'dysfunctional'

The offender management system in prisons in England and Wales is dysfunctional and should be subject to a fundamental review, the Chief Inspectors of Prisons and Probation have concluded...