Addressing enforcement-led probation practice

As a subscriber to Probation Journal, I find it rewarding to pore over some of the more incisive articles on changes in supervisory practice and the professional relationships that underpin meaningful engagement with service users.

6 October 2021

An unpromising encounter

I recently started to selectively read pages from a book that I had hidden away for another day.

7 September 2021

Two clients, two pathways

Having previously read with avid interest some of the rich ethnographic writings of criminologist Dick Hobbs, I spent a relaxed afternoon dipping into his latest book, The Business.

28 July 2021

Trying to do things better in probation

Since retiring from the probation service, I have remained a seasoned observer of the relentless organisational reforms visited on it from what has often appeared governmental whim.

31 March 2021

A bruising judicial encounter

As a devotee of judicial memoirs, I recently read a refreshingly honest, lively and engaging biography of a maverick pioneer of US drug and problem-solving courts, Judge Jeffrey Tauber.

16 March 2021

Breaking out

Breaking Out is Janice Nix's unsparingly honest account of her transformative journey from serial offender and drug dealer to working with the Probation Service in London.

15 February 2021

Supervising Donny

They say that meeting your heroes often disappoints.

3 December 2020

'Putting in work' with Santiago

With the powerful momentum for enduring reform in criminal justice systems captured most recently by the Black Lives Matter campaign in mind, I was particularly moved on reading  Elliott Currie's timely analysis and policy blueprint for addressing the shocking levels of 'everyday' violence that besets many African American communities in the US.

5 November 2020

A footballer and a probation officer

One of my more recent but infrequent forays into the Canadian correctional literature field was reading a lively and absorbing anthology of real life case histories written by a former probation officer, Doug Heckbert, entitled provocatively, Go ahead and Shoot me! 

2 October 2020