In your face

Sometimes I light upon a book that evokes an array of emotions and leaves a lasting impression.

9 June 2022

Probation in Ukraine, nothing like this

One of the pleasures of reviewing books for the Probation Journal is the discovery of literary gems that not only enliven the reader but evoke memories of former probation practice.

5 April 2022

Out on the patch

I recently read a book that covers, with an impressive historical sweep, some of the tumultuous changes imposed on the Probation (and Prison) Services by, often poorly evidenced, politically driven reorganisations.

10 March 2022

Dodging passing traffic

"I often wondered if, stumbling upon a service user in cardiac arrest, my immediate reaction would be to administer CPR or to update their risk assessment".

10 February 2022

I want a probation officer like you

Over the festive season I re-read a book by Mark Leech, which had not only left an indelible impression, but had greatly influenced my professional approach to working with people in and out of the prison system.

21 January 2022

Putting your past behind you

Finding the time to dip into esoteric criminal justice journals can be somewhat challenging, but lighting upon the angry prose of committed scholarship makes the effort of trying so much easier. 

7 December 2021

Addressing enforcement-led probation practice

As a subscriber to Probation Journal, I find it rewarding to pore over some of the more incisive articles on changes in supervisory practice and the professional relationships that underpin meaningful engagement with service users.

6 October 2021

An unpromising encounter

I recently started to selectively read pages from a book that I had hidden away for another day.

7 September 2021

Two clients, two pathways

Having previously read with avid interest some of the rich ethnographic writings of criminologist Dick Hobbs, I spent a relaxed afternoon dipping into his latest book, The Business.

28 July 2021