What kind of society do we want?

Sir Michael Marmot of University College London, writing in The Lancet, has made the case for putting tackling health inequalities at the top of the political agenda.

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3 June 2015

Youth employment is ‘public health time bomb’

Sir Michael Marmot of the World Health Organisation has warned that youth unemployment is a ‘public health time bomb waiting to explode’ in Europe, and that child poverty is a policy choice in Britain as so little is done to redistribute wealth, reports...

31 October 2013

Social inequality affecting public health

Sir Michael Marmot, who is known for his work on social health, claims that the rest of Europe takes better care of its families and believes the deteriorating public health in Britain is caused by huge numbers of adults not in education, training or employment.

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30 October 2013

Health as a social justice issue

Alan Johnson has enjoyed a less than glittering career as Home Secretary. His impulsive dismissal of...