Tough talk costs lives

Michael Gove is the latest politician to accept that we lock up too many people in prison.

24 November 2016

Caution needed over problem-solving courts

Caution is needed over plans to extend the use of so-called 'problem-solving courts', if they are not to become problem-creating courts, our Director Richard Garside said today.

Richard was reacting to a call from more than 30 criminal justice professionals, in letter...

13 October 2016

Five prisoners a day

The state of the prison system in England and Wales is so grim, so awful, it is easy to feel at a loss over where to start and what to do about it.

Earlier this week the Prisons and...

23 September 2016

Welcome for rethink on reform prison plans

The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies' Director, Richard Garside, has welcomed hints that the new Justice Secretary, Liz Truss, might be rethinking plans for 'reform prisons'.

Speaking yesterday at the House of Commons Justice Committee, Liz Truss said that she was not yet ready to...

8 September 2016

Comment on Justice and Home Secretary appointments

Commenting on the appointment of Liz Truss as Justice Secretary our Director, Richard Garside, said:

Liz Truss' predecessor, Michael Gove, seems destined to go down as the great prison reformer whose career was ended before he had time to disappoint prison reformers.

14 July 2016

Reform prisons a tragic distraction

Given the parlous state of prisons across England and Wales, a reform-minded Justice Minister like Michael Gove has ample opportunity to make his mark.

18 May 2016

High prison numbers: Are sentencers to blame?

Since his appointment in May, several predictions have been made about the kind of Justice Secretary Michael Gove will be. Expanding the role for the private sector in delivering criminal justice...

23 March 2016

The fantasy of prisons as places of reform

The Independent has today published a letter by our Director, Richard Garside, calling for an end to the unnecessary imprisonment of tens of thousands of fellow citizens.

Richard was responding to an...

10 March 2016

Michael Gove and the future of electronic monitoring

The hubristically named 'New World' electronic montoring (EM) strategy, devised by the Conservative-led Coalition Government back in 2012, was a commercial, technological and penal fiasco and there is nothing to be regretted about its passing.

11 March 2016