Employment and the 'ethnic penalty'

In my last blog I wrote about how people from black and minority ethnic groups are let down by further and higher education. Here I describe how racial discimination in the labour market is...

2 October 2014

Post-16 education and the 'ethnic penalty'

Last time I talked about how we have seen significant improvements in outcomes in primary and secondary education for pupils from ethnic minority backgrounds. However, I also showed how black...

30 September 2014

Poverty and the 'ethnic penalty'

Why is poverty important? Because regardless of political orientation, or how one thinks about poverty, it is usually perceived as a problem per se.

This is because the abundance...

18 September 2014

Is austerity an act of violence?

Identifying violence?

On 10 September the Centre held a roundtable discussion on the extent to which we can understand austerity policies as acts of violence against...

11 September 2014