Matt Ford

Criminal justice faces perfect storm of cuts and overstretch

Criminal justice agencies across the UK face a perfect storm of growing demand and shrinking budgets by the time of the next General Election, according to new analysis by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.

A rising prison population – set to top 100,000 by 2020 – and inadequate legal aid funding are just two of the threats facing the delivery of justice across the UK, the Centre reports.

UK Justice Policy Review: Volume 5

The fifth in an annual series by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, supported by The Hadley Trust, assessing year-on-year developments in criminal justice and social welfare across the UK.

Combining analysis of the main developments with key data on issues such as spending, staffing and the numbers going through the criminal justice system, UK Justice Policy Review offers an accessible overview of UK-wide developments.

This edition of UKJPR covers the final year of coalition government and the transition to the new Conservative administration.

Quantifying the ethnic penalty

Matt Ford brings together data highlighting areas of life where people are penalised for the colour of their skin. 

It's common to hear people talk about how we now live in a ‘post-racial’ society, where merit and effort determine the extent to which people are able to meet their basic needs and achieve their potential. Indeed, this argument is often invoked to counter proponents of positive discrimination. Here I am going to use data to show that it isn't true.


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