Downsizing prison the reform challenge of this generation

The Centre's Director, Richard Garside, today said that a major prison downsizing programme was the reform challenge of this generation.

His comments came in reaction to a call by senior politicians for the prison population to be halved. The call was made by the former Deputy...

22 December 2016

Now is the time to cut prisoner numbers

Our Director, Richard Garside, today welcomed calls for a cut in the high number of people locked up in prisons across England and Wales.

The Conservative Chair of the House of Commons Justice Committee, Bob Neill MP, is one of a growing number of figures calling for a reduction in the...

12 May 2016

The government's vision for criminal justice reform

My lords, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for having me. I am delighted to be in King's College, and to face a distinguished audience for my first major speech on the subjects for which I have found myself responsible since I returned to office.