Little to lose, much to gain

There is a growing sense of frustration and sadness amongst practitioners and campaigners at the economic and political situation we now find ourselves in. Many of the gains in gender equality,...

28 May 2014

A life of its own

Helen wrote about the Justice Matters for Women Event in a previous blog post and mentioned that this event was...

14 April 2014

Is Lady Justice blind or just blinkered?

Most people will be familiar with ‘Lady Justice’ – a statue or picture of a woman often blindfolded, holding a set of scales. Lady Justice is intended to represent objectivity...

19 February 2014

Punishing women and criminal justice failure

'Taking the most hurt people out of society and punishing them in order to teach them how to live within society is, at best, futile. Whatever else a prisoner knows, she knows

5 February 2014